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2015 ILRS Technical Workshop

Network Performance and Future Expectations for ILRS Support of GNSS, Time Transfer
and Space Debris Tracking

October 26 – 30, 2015

Matera, Italy

Periodically the ILRS conducts Technical Workshops to focus on a few timely topics that impact the quality of our data products and our perations. These workshops are held in intervening years between the full International Workshops on Laser Ranging and are intended to provide time to articulate the issues carefully, allow for careful discussion and formulate a path forward.
The 2015 ILRS Technical Workshop, sponsored by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and the ILRS, will be held in Matera, Italy, October 26 – 30 to address:

  1. Network performance on GNSS and present and future user expectations,
  2. Present performance and future expectations for time transfer, and
  3. Present performance and future expectations for space debris tracking.


Guidelines for the Workshop

Each session should:

  • Stimulate discussions and information exchange;
  • Start with defined questions to be addressed and close with recommended resolutions and a path forward;
  • Start off with an overview talk setting the framework for the topic and the process to be used in the session;
  • Actively encourage and recruit participants to bring short comments (few charts) to address the session issues;
  • Give a summary of its session meeting with its issues, outcomes, recommendations for steps forward at the final Workshop Session and provide a 1-2 page write up for the proceedings.


Posters will be allowed, but they must refer to one of the session topics and be approved by the chair of that session. Material from the posters may be presented in the session if appropriate.


Time will be allocated for the ILRS Governing Board and Working Group meetings. A trip is also planned to the Matera site during the week.


Pippo Bianco
Simone Dell’Agnello
Ludwig Grunwaldt
Georg Kirchner
Cinzia Luceri
Jan McGarry
Carey Noll
Toshi Otsubo
Erricos Pavlis
Mike Pearlman
Ulli Schreiber
Zhang Zhongping


Cinzia Luceri
Pippo Bianco


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