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GeoDAF: Geodetic Data Archiving Facility
Welcome to the GeoDAF server at ASI/CGS Matera, Italy. This server has been realized to offer to the scientific community a simple and effective way to access the geodetical data and products stored at ASI/CGS. The data may be accessed as well throughout our anonymous ftp server
Mission: Observing the Earth with space geodetic techniques.

The Italian Space Agency’s Space Geodesy Center “Giuseppe Colombo” (ASI/CGS) is one of the most important space geodetic observatories in the international network. Dedicated in 1983, the ASI/CGS is, since the beginning, part of the International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS), the International VLBI Service (IVS) and the International GNSS Service (IGS) both as an observing station and as a data analysis center.
Since 2004 the CGS is the Official Primary Combination Center of the International Laser Ranging Service.

The CGS hosts the following equipment:
  • An advanced Satellite an Lunar Laser Ranging (SLR/LLR) Station, namely the Matera Laser Ranging Observatory (MLRO) with multiwavelenght millimetre-precision ranging capability, based on a 1.5 m aperture optical telescope
  • A Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) observing station, based on a 20-m dish S/X radiotelescope and a MarkV-VLBA acquisition terminal
  • A fixed GPS receiver
  • A nation-wide fixed GPS network
  • An high accuracy Absolute Gravimeter (FG5)
  • Time and frequency system:
    • H-Maser frequency standard
    • Cs beam frequency standard
    • GPS synchronization
    • IRIG-B distribution
  • Geodetic total stations
  • Advanced computing equipment and software
  • Advanced data analysis capability in SLR, VLBI and GPS, producing single and multitechnique global geodetic solutions to estimate station coordinates, velocities, earth rotation parameters, geopotential coefficients, non gravitational perturbations, precise orbits
Participating Agencies:
ASI - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana
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