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ASI/CGS products
GRAV: Data & Products

ASI/CGS contributes to the IGFS activities. The overall goal of IGFS is to coordinate the servicing of the geodetic and geophysical community with gravity field-related data, software and information. The combined data of the IGFS entities data will include both satellite-derived global models, terrestrial, airborne, satellite and marine gravity observations, earth tide data, GPS leveling data, digital models of terrain and bathymetry, as well as ocean gravity field and geoid from satellite altimetry. Both the static and the temporal variations of the gravity field will be covered by the IGFS.

IGFS is a unified "umbrella" IAG service, which will:

  • Coordinate collection, validation, archiving and dissemination of gravity field related data
  • Coordinate exchange of software of relevance for gravity field actitivities
  • Coordinate courses, information materials and general public outreach relating to the earth's gravity field

ASI/CGS contributes to the IGFS collecting observations including gravity results and meta-data (station coordinates, instruments details, observation epoch), according to the 3rd level of providing information content.

The data are available through the AGrav database running on two mirrored servers, one located at BGI in Toulouse/France, and the other at BKG in Frankfurt/Germany.

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