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ASI/CGS Earth orientation parameters
The Earth Rotation Parameters (ERP) describe the orientation of the Earth Axis, the rotation of the Earth and their variations. The ERP connect the Celestial Reference Frame to the Terrestrial Reference Frame and the variations of the ERP are a good indicator of a variety of geophysical processes originating within the Earth.

Long history time series of ERP, in terms of polar motion and Length-Of-Day EOP, are almost annually estimated at ASI/CGS since 1998. The time series is obtained from a multi-year geodetic solution analyzing the data acquired from 1983 to the most recent data, available at the time of the solution, to estimate site coordinates, velocities, EOP and other parameters. More details are available in the description of the solutions.

Weekly time series of ERP are estimated and distributed to the International Earth Rotation Service for the ASI/CGS operational EOP series. The ASI EOP time series, submitted as operational series to IERS, provides daily EOP and LOD from Lageos-I, Lageos II, Etalon I and Etalon II data collected from the worldwide network. The terrestrial reference frame is defined by fixing the coordinates and velocities of 10 core sites to their ITRF values. The time series is weekly updated with the latest 8-week estimates.
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