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SLR: Data & Products

ASI/CGS gravity solutions
The data collected from the SLR network contribute to the study of the Earth system, as a whole. Ad hoc analyses are made at ASI/CGS to derive time series of low degree geopotential zonals and geocenter.

  • Time series of low-degree geopotential zonals and their secular drifts. Description and results
  • Time series of C2,0 C2,1 and S2,1 obtained from the analysis of SLR observations of a constellation of seven geodetic satellites (Stella, Starlette, Ajisai, the two Lageos, the two Etalon) acquired by the worldwide network, data are available on request. A description is available in the proceedings of the 18th International Workshop on Laser Ranging (http://cddis.gsfc.nasa.gov/lw18/docs/papers/Session2/13-01-11-Luceri.pdf ).
  • Geocenter time series are routinely produced as translation with respect to a reference ITRF. Some plots of the series w.r.t. ITRF2008 are shown below, data are available on request.

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